TiffanieDavis is staring into your soul.

TiffanieDavis, formerly Gabourie, is a Goddess. She takes great pleasure in dancing, breathing, yoga-ing, fire walking, tree climbing & hot spring-ing. In the 9 years that she has been living in Davis, Tiffanie has been seen behind the counter @ Samira's, De Colores & Aquarius. On April Fools Day of 2006, TiffanieDavis became a Davis when she climbed a tree with & got hitched to that sexy DFC deli-slave you may know as BenjaminDavis.

She is now living "happily ever after".

You can most often glimpse her working hard/hardly working at The Davis Food Co-op, strolling through Downtown Davis, or hanging out with one of three or all of these chumps below! (L-R: AmeliaCarlson, JevanGray & BenjaminDavis).

Be it known: As much as TiffanieDavis loves the city of Davis, she aspires to get the hell out of the valley and find community in one of the following places:

Mt. Shasta, Sebastopol, AshlandOregon, BellinghamWashington, Arcata, SomewhereINhawaii or SomewhereINalaska.

TiffanieDavis would much appreciate any other happy community recommendations you would like to toss her way.