Name: Tim Waring Home Phone : (925) 313-9331 Office Phone : (530) 754-7178 Job: I study the evolution of culture. Personality: I'm a happy dude. Sex Appeal: My girlfriend wife () thinks so. (Carl, did you update this? You clever bastard!)

Tim is a talented usher.

This picture was taken in the Palni Hills of Tamil Nadu, South India. Southwest of Kodaikanal, The photo is taken at Ulam Pari, and faces east.

I'm sorry, but my budget for twinkies has expired.


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2005-02-17 15:24:23   Sorry, Not Papua New Guinea. No Twinkie for you! —TimWaring

2005-02-17 15:25:16   OOh, hey, Carl get's a twinkie! (two for the comments box!) —TimWaring

2005-02-22 16:01:11   Tim, the twinkies were delicious and really hit the spot at that time of day. Muchas gracias! —CarlMcCabe

2005-09-04 12:50:56   Kodikanal! Is that right tim? —KarthikRam

2005-09-07 9:32:01   Congratulations! —CarlMcCabe

2005-09-07 11:13:42   cool, you got married! I'll buy you a beer at the next ecology happy hour. —KarthikRam

2005-10-22 20:38:04   nice work, KarthikRam, you get a twinkie too. And as for the beer, I'd better start showing up if I'm going to get a free pint! —TimWaring