I am a graduate student in physics at LSU. I work at LIGO, the laser interferometer gravitational wave observatory, out in Livingston Parish.

I'm new to Baton Rouge and slowly discovering the city. Instead of keeping my finds to myself, my compulsion for documentation requires that I share them with you! This is a wiki, so you can do the same.

I used to live in Rochester, NY. My friends and I started a city wiki there that became quite popular. I think we can do the same here in Baton Rouge. Or better!


2009-01-24 18:34:06   Sorry, did not mean to step on your edits. Happy New Year from Rochester area !!! See my latest Mystery Picture if you are feeling homesick http://rocwiki.org/Mystery_Picture/Guesses (:>) —BradMandell

2009-03-16 11:04:10   Hello from Webster, NY - this week I took your place as the number 1 page creator on RocWiki. Been busy on BufWiki, Syracuse, Ithaca and Binghamton. Got any areas here that you would like some help on when I get time? —BradMandell