I am a UC Davis Graduate in Economics, but I also studied Biology and Chemistry courses. For years after the UC I lived in the San Francisco Bay area, managing a dog daycare and off-leash hiking company. It was eventually bought by an investment group looking to make a chain of dog daycares.

I moved back to Davis in 2016, and I moved into South Davis in 2017.  

I work with local dogs as a passion. For now, you can find me on Rover. One day I hope to help set up a dog daycare in Davis


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2018-11-04 00:05:37   Hello Todd. I looked up your recent comment on the you-know-which page. Thank you for that Google cache suggestion. I looked on Google for it and that little arrow is easy to overlook. I have read both caches now (parts of it) and am truly shocked by the so many, very intense comments by lots of different people. This seems to be much worse than I already thought it was (well, maybe I already sensed it, yes). If all these people speak the truth, or even only part of the truth, the person in question is a pathological liar of almost unprecedented size. The "funny" thing is, I have devoted an enormous amount of time and energy since 2012 to a couple of Dutch pathological liars, so this isn't a new phenomenon to me. The fruit of all this hard work and my time and energy can be found here: https://constantiaoomen.wordpress.com/ Maybe you could say I am getting at expert level at exposing frauds and liars by now. 😉

--- Incredible as it may seem, some people lie all their lives and just can't stop. Partially because it's in their nature, partially because they have too much to hide, and (to finally speak) the truth would be very damaging indeed (even so much of a burden, that it could send them to prison). Sometimes they keep lying because somebody else is demanding that of them (or even: blackmailing them). Sometimes people keep lying, because of existing, delicate balances between other liars and due to agreements concluded between them. For honest, or at least average-honest, people this is quite incomprehensible.

--- I am a very kind person by nature, but I know the only way through this jungle of liars is to be unforgiving as long as they are lying, even if the lies are not that big at times or when they are pleading for consideration because of blah blah. (?). I have been very resolute in this case about the phone-call to my ex, and I think I was and am right to be on alert. Think about it, who would call somebody, claiming they are the police? Not quite sane, right?

--- If it turns out I was wrong, and a legit Davis Police officer díd call my ex, I am the first to report back here. But somehow, I seem to have this "nasty" habit of being right almost all the time. —ConstantiaOomen

2019-01-24 11:30:32   Tags: okay. I didn’t know they have to be reusable. So they can’t be unique, like “Constantia”? I thought everything would go, as long as it would lead one to the right place, fast and accurately. —ConstantiaOomen

2019-01-24 11:41:52   Hi Todd, and I am rereading my comment about, as it turned out to be, Natalie Corona, the police officer, who really did try to get a hold of me, by calling other people. We all now know how thát went.

And now she is brutally murdered. Still can’t wrap my mind around it. And how I met her in person. And that wouldn’t have been without the Davis Wiki; I would never have met her. So yes, Davis Wiki is doing something. I tend to (still) believe in fate, even though I am a skeptic as well. I always have strange things in my life, it never ceased.

So, I was wrong about not believing a Davis Police officer would call me about something on the Davis Wiki. What can I say, I was wrong. But considering the rest of the story that would follow, this was something odd indeed.


2019-01-24 14:29:16   Tags thing: thanks for clarifying! —ConstantiaOomen

2019-08-12 13:41:01   Thank you for cleaning up "Non-profit organizations!" 👏👏 —PhilipNeustrom

2019-08-12 13:46:06   And how. That's applause I can jump in on: 👏👏 —JabberWokky

2019-09-28 21:03:12   Did you see a tornado? Film it too? I filmed, but on J Street saw "only" impressive sky and big winds. 🌪️ Made pictures too, will upload some in a sec. —ConstantiaOomen