He is PomeloCat, nicer than LimeCat.

Tom is an economics and communications double major with a minor in computer science. He will be graduating in June of '07 and after a summer break of climbing around the world he is going to attend a law school in the states. He doesn't know which one, yet. It bugs him that he doesn't know.

He likes to rock climb, surf, and complain about not having a motorcycle. Next quarter he is taking SCUBA diving. He likes these sort of things. No one really knows why. They are all both dangerous and expensive. He probably does it to show off to the girls. It doesn't work very well.

Here are a couple pictures of Tom climbing. He's always looking for belay slaves, er.. partners!

Some heinous crimp at Castle Rock State Park

In front of the main wall at Lover's Leap.

Some random rock in Yosemite where tourists gawked at me. I like audiences.


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2004-10-28 11:28:00   Tom needs to die so I can be first on the list. Abeles?, I mean come on... —ArlenAbraham

2004-11-10 00:29:07   god I hate my roommates. I mean... —YawenChen

2004-12-22 09:50:03   FREE KEVIN! —JonasOrion

2005-02-13 23:57:36   whoa, I haven't seen any free kevin stuff in a LONG time... —MarieHuynh

2005-02-14 07:56:35   Isn't Kevin free already? —JaimeRaba

2005-02-22 23:27:14   who's kevin? —ArlenAbraham

2005-02-22 23:38:22   mitnick, http://www.freekevin.com/TravisGrathwell

2005-02-23 11:35:48   kevin was freed 5 years ago —ArlenAbraham

2005-02-23 16:39:10   Last year in the dorms I had a "Free Kevin" sticker up in my window, but I have no idea how JonasOrion knows this or who he is. —TomAbeles

2005-10-13 20:40:31   Tommy, you better start editing more wiki pages. You're not cool in this town unless you edit a lot of wiki pages. —KenjiYamada

2007-04-03 17:42:23   someone broke my comments thing :( —TomAbeles

2007-04-03 17:43:26   comments thing? —ArlenAbraham