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2010-05-18 12:27:09   Looking at the EXIF data for the picture, it claims to be taken at 2010:05:13 22:15:16. —WilliamLewis

2010-05-19 01:24:53   That's awesome...I don't work tomorrow, but I'm actually gonna stop by and see if the outside camera is functional and see if we have video saved for that minute. I think the North side of the parking lot is by Rite Aid, which would probably not be in frame, but if the act was closer to Dos Coyotes, there is a shot we might have the "cement toss" on tape. This would be huge considering how much more serious that act is than the panhandling she is doing now. —TonyAhr

2010-05-19 01:29:10   The caveat is that the time on the camera might not be the same as the time on your security tapes. I mean, people set their watches regularly (those who have them, anyway), but who regularly sets the clock on their camera? I do, but I'm a bit unusual. You might have to check the tape around that time. —WilliamLewis

2010-05-19 01:50:14   Given how the date looks like it's been set, the time's also been set right, too. Probably a moot comment, really. (My comment being moot, not the one above!) —AlexanderHo

2010-05-19 02:10:21   Haha, I figured it wasn't going to be right to the second, but as long as that caveat is at least somewhat accurate, I can set it around 22:00:00 and fast forward until that pink hoodie comes into frame. God I hope we got that on tape! —TonyAhr

2010-05-19 19:14:18   Your awesome brah —StevenDaubert

2010-05-25 00:40:33   Too bad about the tapes! I saw them there again tonight. I don't think they're getting it.

I posted a Scam Alert flyer to the Con Artists page. Maybe Safeway would be up for posting it in the window. For that matter, if you guys want to make your own, I'm more than happy to let you use the picture.

Either way, I'm glad your staying on them too. —JamesMadden

2010-05-26 13:08:49   I'll ask the boss about the flyer. I'm all for posting it, but this is one of those things I should check in about before going ahead and doing.

Do you remember what time and where in the parking lot you saw her the other night? I want to see if she shows up on video. I've been logging all the times she shows up, writing down the exact time and camera she shows up on, just to further the case against her and her accomplices when they do eventually get caught.

I work tonight and will definitely keep a lookout. Seems like she's been showing up a lot more lately, hopefully we catch her quickly and Davis PD arrives before she bounces. —TonyAhr

  • There's probably a good chance they bribed a police officer so they can get a heads up and bail if anything happens. —TomGarberson

You really think they blew their winnings on bribery? I suppose if they've scammed enough money....

2010-05-26 13:53:29   Yeah, I doubt they have bribed anyone, though you never know, it would help explain why they haven't been caught yet. Anyway, I'll still call Davis PD as at worst, it will get them out of the parking lot. I hate thinking that my place of work is a safe haven for thugs to conduct scams. —TonyAhr

2010-05-26 17:19:20   I would die if they tried to bribe the DPD! Tony, they were at the south end of the parking lot this time, by the creamery and across from the ATMs. They showed up on the police log so they had a little visit that night. —JamesMadden

2010-05-26 22:52:31   I should add that it was about 10pm on Monday night. Hope they're on the tapes. —JamesMadden

2010-05-27 00:51:26   Hmmm...I'm pretty sure that we weren't talking about "bribes" earlier, that totally got edited. Whatever.

That's a weird spot for them to be hanging out at that late, I'm not sure if the Creamery is even open then, and I know Dos closes at 10:00. I'll have to let them know about her next time I'm in, same with Mermaids, it'll give me an excuse to get a drink or two :) —TonyAhr