Tony Bataska
June 29, 1981 in Chicago, IL
The Beatles, Neil Finn, Wilco, Bright Eyes, Ryan Adams, Oasis, Sufjan Stevens
Guster, John Vanderslice, Elliott Smith, Radiohead and many others
Current Album
Tonight I Confess
mailto:[email protected]
Current Location
Davis/Sacramento, CA
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Tony Bataska was born in Chicago and has since lived all over the States. He currently resides in Northern California and plays many shows in the Sacramento and Bay Areas. He continues to work on new songs and push himself to play great live shows. Musically, he played piano for three years early in life and got his first bass guitar in eighth grade. Eventually he got his hands on an old classical acoustic guitar and taught himself how to play. He played in a band in high school, and briefly in college as well. At some point he decided to stop seeking out a band and to go at it solo. So far, it has been going great as Tony continues to progress as a musician and entertainer.

*Tony Bataska is not playing shows in the Davis community at this time*

Tony's accomplishments so far:

- Released first album entitled "Tonight I Confess" Buy it Here!

- Opened for Matt Costa at Harlow's in December of 2005. Matt regularly tours with Jack Johnson and he also played at the Coachella Music Festival in 2006.

- Played at the Cubby Bear in Chicago in August of 2005. Maxim Magazine named the Cubby Bear Chicago's #1 bar in 2005.

- Has opened for or played with many emerging bands/artists such as: Honeyspot, American Karma, 2ME, Lantz Lazwell, Pinder Brothers, Amber Rubarth, Last Conservative, the Erik Wayne Campaign, Nolan, and The Athens.