Name: TracyPerkins

E-mail: [email protected]

AIM: SaturnnFoxx

Major: Graphic Design

Graduation Year: 2007


A Bit About Me: I am a recent graduate of UC Davis majoring in Design with an emphasis in graphics. For the past three years I was a driver, dispatcher, and manager for Unitrans. Primarily I drove in the mornings and usually was driving a double-deck. I enjoy climbing late in the afternoon at Pipeworks, although these days I don't live in Davis and that makes it rather hard to go climbing.

During my 6 full years in Davis (Fall 2001 through SSII 2007), I have been heavily involved with a number of student groups including Aerobrick and The Co/LAB. As a graduate I am looking to obtain any design work available to me. I can still be found at various Cafes throughout Davis working on my computer when I come to visit.

Favorite Davis Locations: Cafe Roma, Mishka's, Mirai, Griffin Lounge, Peet's Coffee, Savvy Shoppe, Pinkadot, Arboretum, The Greenbelt, Double-Decker Buses, Bogey's Books, Ciocolat, Konditorei, Rainbow City, Ben & Jerry's, Starbucks, Physics and Geology Building, Sophia's Thai Kitchen, 7-Eleven, Steve's Pizza, The ADH, Newsbeat, Kathmandu Kitchen, Icekrimski Cafe


At work, driving the A Bus Line.

It's me Photoshopped! I had fun in Design 16.


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