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2009-08-15 11:00:55   Hey, did the phones disappear? If so, it would be nice to have the listings there in a "Former Phones" section, both for history's sake and so people know they have been removed and it's not just that nobody added them to the wiki. —gnomeEvan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2012-08-18 18:57:28   Hey TurboCat, on the Davis Airporter page of the Wiki, it looks like the main link to my responses now leads to a fairly green page, by your hand, which is cool, but doesn't allow me to edit. For instance, I've been at the Airporter for fifteen years, but the green section says ten years, and I can't change it. I can change it on the main wiki page, but when someone wants to see my big main entry, they click where it says "click here". Who wouldn't? Which leads them to the green page that says I've been there for ten years. Also, I actually like my responses laid out like that, but since the question/complaint of the customer is removed, my answer reads out of context. Which wouldn't be such a big deal, except for the fact that it's now the main link to my answers ("refer to the long-winded entry from AirporterDriverPete, who has worked there for fifteen years. It's in the "2005-2007" section— "see link here") I see what the green vs/yellow is trying to do, but as long as it says "see link HERE", leading to the green page, people will have no idea what the original comment/complaint was. Sorry if my explanation is inadequate. To put it short, how about a separate link to my response section? One that shows the edits, one that does not. Let me know if I'm unclear, I've a feeling I am. Well, for starters, go to and look for "see link here" (and click on it). And advise. Thanks, AirporterDriverPete