What do you know about Users/TwiggyBranch?

My name is Drew. I grew up in Bryan / College Station Tx.  My journey here started when my mother gave birth to me in 1958. My grandfather took me to Texas A&M football games when the stadium was one level and the student body was all male. Thankfully the university broke tradition when I was in first grade and allowed females to attend  If not my teen years might have been lackluster. Now with 50,000 plus students, and the fact I grew up here, I am still in awe the university is so massive. #gigem

The name Twiggy Branch derives from an imaginary band I created in my mind back in the 70s. It has stuck with me all of these years. 

I am a part-time driver for a taxi  service company in College Station. 

I like 60s garage music. I totally dig old spaghetti westerns. I was at Yahoo the 1st day. Social media fanatic. 

I am here to help edit the Bryan-College Station local wiki