Name: Eric Tyler Felix

English and Film Studies double major, Education minor.

AIM: dcty

Student Housing Diversity Intern 05-06, Davis Senior High English Intern 04-06, Campus NOW (National Organization for Women) Public Relations Chair 05-06, Coordinator 06-07, MAAR (Men Acting Against Rape) Outreach Chair, ex-Resident Advisor (Castilian North Court 03-04, Leach Hall 04-05), MIP (Multicultural Immersion Program) intern 06-07. Upward Bound Student Assistant 06-07. Tercero Area Service Desk worker 05-07 or whenever I graduate.

Fun Facts:

-UC Davis will continue to own his life since it's the only place he got into grad school.

-Specializes in 1.5 in. thick plate-sized cakes right off the pan.


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2007-04-13 01:15:15   Where you are you from origionally —StevenDaubert

2007-05-06 16:31:50   i am i from san diego origionally —TylerFelix