I created this account to let everyone know how unsatisfied I am with Clarity Massage on G Street in Davis. Below is the posting I wrote for the Clarity Massage page:

"2008-06-10 15:49:20 I had a terrible experience at Clarity Massage. I have had many massages in my life with different masseuses and I have never been so dissatisfied as I was this time. I felt extremely uncomfortable and entirely exposed the entire time I was there. I asked Stuart to stop early and I left the office as quickly as possible. His inappropriate caresses and too-close-for-comfort rubbing left me feeling dirty and taken-advantage-of. I was never adequately covered and the placement of my body as well as his was unprofessional and sickening. I DO NOT recommend Clarity Massage to anyone, especially if you are unfamiliar with massages as you may not know what is appropriate and what is not while you are there. The massage I received was entirely inappropriate and I do not want anyone else to risk having the same experience I had. I have not tried any other massage services in Davis yet and I have never posted on Davis Wiki, but my experience at Clarity Massage was horrific enough for me to create a Davis Wiki account to let everyone know about my experience there. Please be careful when choosing a masseuse and always speak up if you feel uncomfortable. —UnsatisfiedWithClarityMassage"

It took me a few weeks to get over my experience and post something on DavisWiki (which is where I learned of Clarity Massage in the first place). There is still only one other comment posted on his page, and it was the comment that made me think I would have a great experience at Clarity Massage. Because I was so very misinformed, I felt I needed to post something as well to let others know about my experience there. If there is anyone else who has had a similar experience at Clarity Massage, I hope you were able to leave the office with some dignity. If not, I'm so sorry for what you went through, and I hope you will have the courage to let someone know and post something here about your experience so others don't have to go through what we did.


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2008-06-10 23:14:56   If you were touched inappropriately, the best thing to do would be to report this to the police. It's very hard to give much credence to an anonymous poster making unverifiable claims who might have a grudge against the person in question. The police are better equipped to deal with this kind of thing, anyway. Just a thought. —WilliamLewis

2008-06-26 16:12:04   I was considering sending my girlfriend to Clarity Massage, but your comment has me spooked. —KellyM

2008-07-23 09:57:14   KellyM, it helps so much to know that my experience may have helped you and your friend make the most informed decision about where to get a massage. Other action has been taken against Stuart Steinman, and my comments on this page were meant only to alert other potential customers of the experience I had so they could better make their own decision about going to Clarity Massage. To WilliamLewis, your response to my comment being untruthful and unverifiable because I prefer to remain anonymous was hurtful and I can only hope that someone else in a similar situation would never attempt to ask you for help about it. You don't know what other action I have already taken and I prefer to stay anonymous out of precaution for my own safety and to avoid persecution from users like you. —UnsatisfiedWithClarityMassage

I never said you were untruthful, I only said the manner in which you're doing this is not the way to go. Also, where am I persecuting you? —WilliamLewis

2008-07-23 10:38:03   I removed your comment from the Clarity Massage page because it alleged grossly illegal activity in a way that is essentially unverifiable. Such a thing would be ok if you stood behind your real name. It would also be ok if you were a long time editor of this site with a history of good edits. However, you came in here, created an anonymous account for a single purpose, and then trashed someone in a way that could have serious legal consequences to someone. That looks rather shady. We've had a major problem with anonymous users coming on here and bashing various businesses. We've often been able to find out that the anonymous users were associated with competing businesses. If you stood behind your real name, you would be providing a great measure of assurance that your claims are honest ones. For if they were not, you would be risking a libel lawsuit. —WilliamLewis