"A is the new A."

– Anon.


2010-04-05 19:26:18   Hi Victor, a mention with a link back to wikisauga on the project's wiki would be fine. Enjoy! —AmirSyed

2010-05-20 18:14:30   I always wondered what that building at the bloor athletic field was, thanks! —AmirSyed

2010-08-30 05:57:28   Hi Victor, I was thinking whoever answers the mystery picture correctly, credit should be given when the answer is provided. What do you think? —AmirSyed

2010-09-01 05:46:44   I hear you about attracting more people to the wiki. I'm thinking to start up a monthly meet up to discuss all things Wikisauga. Just wondering about what would be a good place to do it. —AmirSyed

2010-09-05 08:58:35   We decided at the founding of Wikisauga to not allow anonymous edits to add transparency as to who added info to the wiki. Also wanted to try to avoid anonymous spam edits and slander. Also also wanted to build up a Mississauga Wiki Community, I'd like to get to know other contributors to the wiki as well :) . However this is a good kick in the pants to continue working on expanding, How does Wiki Wednesdays sound to you? We can meet on the first Wednesday of the month? —AmirSyed

2011-09-06 07:21:31   Hi Victor, Your guess for the Mystery Picture, was in the right neighbourhood but wrong building, good guess. —AmirSyed

2011-12-30 17:22:58   Hi Victor, your guess on this week's mystery picture is correct. The sculpture is located in the Cancer Survivors Park at the Credit Valley Hospital. —AmirSyed

2012-08-06 11:30:20   Hi Victor, yes, you guessed correctly on the mystery picture, it was the Gymnastics Mississauga equipment at the Hershey CentreAmirSyed

2012-08-13 15:36:07   Hey Victor, last week's mystery picture was the Mini-Skool day care centre on Bromsgrove Road, it's by Clarkson Secondary School, good guess though! part marks :) —AmirSyed