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2006-04-20 12:54:28   You and Nick have equal (this being the operative word) rights to your opinions, but I'll kindly ask you to remove your comment spam from Charity Classic. —DavidReid

2006-04-20 13:11:31   Ah, I see. Have Nick remove his stupid comment and I'll be happy to remove mine. Unless, that is, you prefer him ranting on and on about how the Africans don't need water and we need to take care of the water epidemic in California. Right. —PhellanKell

  • I didn't ask you (whom I assume is just a clone ov VishadDewan) to remove your comments, just your comment spam. —DavidReid

2006-04-20 13:39:40   Vishad — Please do not spam entries. I removed the threads (the bulk of which were my comments) because they were no longer on topic for the entry. Feel free to move them here to your personal page. Please also try to keep the personal attacks to a minimum. Debating someone's ideas is fine; attacking their person or spewing random comments is not. —JabberWokky

2006-04-20 13:46:22   don't be a jackass on the wiki. even when combatting jackassery. —TravisGrathwell