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jOHN, I've put a stop to the squabbling for a while until you all are more constructive. I've also put a hold on Keithwyness as well. Any suspected aliases will be banned as well as I.P addresses. The climate you and others have been creating is not helping positive debate and information sharing amongst other wiki users and this must stop. I will allow you back on in due course. FACT.

You have been re-activated. Do not abuse this site or you'll be banned permanently. Chris @ FACT.

  • DO NOT THREATEN ME!!!! You are a Fool!!! Learn to write first before you touch a computer. A stick to FACT's web site and stop using a wiki as an outlet for FACT. - Waterways.

2009-10-31 00:19:12   Several times you have referred to "my pages". The content that you added to the wiki is now part of the community property. It is owned equally by all other editors. That means that it is no longer solely yours. Other people can and are encouraged to use and edit it. If you do not wish that to be the case, please do not edit the wiki and find another format that better matches your wishes. Thank you for the time and effort you contributed. It is unfortunate that you could not cooperate with your fellow neighbors, and I wish you well in your future activities. Should you wish to try your hand at working in a collaborative project in the future, the wiki is open to you. —gnomeEvan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

  • ONCE AGAIN. I hope this sinks in. I will not tolerate an open vandal who came here to wreck the site and insult. The username john-is-a-twat. has not been deleted I see. You do not accommodate idiots!! Get it? You are naive! GROW UP!!!!! - Waterways