Yours truly on the deck at Hise Hill - Petit Jean River Valley Arkansas. I became interested in the Davis Wiki through a Google Search for funnel shaped spillways. Lake Claiborne in North Central Louisiana, my home for a few years, has a spillway of this type. I'm interested in the Wiki concept.

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Here's a pic scan, old and faded, of the Lake Claiborne funnel spillway. Not quite as artistically awesome as your 'Morning Glory' but more user friendly. A visitors walkway enables one to observe this spillway from closeup. It also attracted thrill seekers from the opposite end when low water flow permitted entrance there[been there, done that - thrilling - particularly the cottonmouth water moccasins].

Mystery Photo:


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2006-02-09 07:06:27   Looks like a leaf — water lily? No idea — with a drop of dew. —JeffreyNonken

Well, I should just say, a drop of water and not guess its origin.

2006-02-09 18:45:08   Yes indeed, Jeffrey, a very large drop of water [from dew] on a Lily Pad in one of the Petit Jean Watershed flood control lakes near here. —WendellHise

2006-02-13 00:25:10   need help setting up a wicki site —WendellHise

2006-02-13 01:01:53   That's a really cool photo (the bottom one). Is it a leaf? You can email me some details and I can try and I can try and point you in the right direction. My email's on my wiki page. —PhilipNeustrom