The Blue Debate (also known as the September 4 Debate)

I am convinced that it is possible to create an expansive chamber of information on Davis Wiki, one unequaled on the web. Existence viewed from a modern American city.

To that end, I mention what is possibly my favorite part of Wikipedia, the articles on the mundane, like dates, years, and colors. They tell of events seemingly unconnected, days gone by, and ongoing cultural themes. None of that is lost when shrunken to Davis-size. Who was born on the 4th of July in Davis? What happened in 1988 in Davis? What is green in Davis?

Therefore, I propose such pages exist on Davis Wiki. I have created the following pages: September 4 and Blue, and I ask for your opinion.



September 4 is day 247 of the year (248 in leap years). 118 days remain.






Blue is a color that exists in Davis.

Blue in Davis



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I like the idea, especially the date one. I would, however, suggest that it might be better to keep adding to something like the Davis Timeline, and then, as certain years grow full, move them to their own entries. As the months in those years grow full, move them to their own entries. To get an idea of what I'm talking about, go back in Wikipedia to years in the eighth century. Often only the decades are split out because there's just not much there. In recent years, like 2004, each day is split out individually. If you grow the timeline that way, it is always full of information, and as more is added, it adapts. I'm not sure you could do the same with a calendar date that lists by the year. But the date idea is good in general. As for colors, it falls under my "see if it can grow" rule. Blue is a good start; plenty of things in Davis identify with the color blue — teams, groups, etc. I'd imagine you'd have a hard time making a worthy one for, say, burnt umber. I'm not even sure if all the primary colors would work. Green probably would, but after that, I'm not so sure. Worth a try. Keep in mind that I am not the "voice of the Wiki". I'm not even the #1 editor. I'm active, to be sure, and I have my opinions, but other people have other opinions that are equally as valid. I hope that most of mine have been tempered over time working with the rest of the community into generally accepted ones, but what I say is in no way "official". Ask some other people what they think — their input is equally as valid.jw

I think that the entry on Blue is a nice quirky fit, but to list entries for all colors and random dates feels to me like it's taking things too far. —JosephBleckman

While there are an endless number of colors if we go beyond the basics, there are a finite number of dates (366) and I can guarantee that something happened in Davis on each one. If not pages for each date, then is there no room on Davis Wiki for "this date in Davis history"? And to JW, I'm aware you are not the voice of the wiki, we all are. Thanks for your input. I highly appreciate it. —WillArnold

2009-04-04 11:28:42   It looks like you have been vindicated. —JasonAller