photo by PhilipNeustrom. Hey there. I'm a 2007 graduate of UC Davis, with a degree in Psychology, and Human Development. Informal minors in Women and Gender Studies and Technocultural Studies. I'm proud to belong to the early testing stages of this wiki project. Thanks PhilipNeustrom for inviting me!

Currently, I live in Brooklyn, New York, working in the nerdy internet division of Scholastic books company at Scholastic Headquarters in SoHo, New York City. Quite a ways from my publishing experience at our small town college paper, The California Aggie. Any other Davis in New York people here?

I love food, photography, technology, bicycling, and a lot of other cool things I can't remember.

Follow me on these internet spaces: Tumblr - NYC personal blog, @yaweneep Twitter, Flickr - Photos

these are my notes.

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2005-04-15 19:47:06   I like the Parenthetical Girls (just heard them in Studio A on KDVS) — thanks for posting that —PhilipNeustrom

2005-04-15 19:58:01   I heard them also. They were great! —JackHaskel

2005-04-15 20:04:29   I like tacos! —ArlenAbraham

2005-04-16 00:04:28   Yawen is so kee-yute! —KenjiYamada

2005-05-05 20:08:34   Try it now. As you might have noticed, it was due to a typo. —PhilipNeustrom

2005-05-05 21:12:17   yawen, that bug would be better in Bug ReportsArlenAbraham

—Huh, didn't know that page existed. Thanks.

2005-05-06 09:43:14   I usually have more hair. —ArlenAbraham

2005-05-09 01:04:21   Thank you for posting about shows (P-Girls and Montag) here Yawen, Erik and I blanketed list servs and myspace, its good to know that someone has got the WIKI covered! Also, for those who liked Parenthetical Girls, hit up his website and convince him to dedicate more time to playing music... he sort of does it in his spare time, and doesn't plan to release anything too soon... —JeremyNewton

2005-07-08 02:17:25   hiya i see you around campus a lot :D just wanted to say hello!! —MatthewLee

2006-01-11 20:09:08   You have a motorcycle? —ArlenAbraham

2010-05-19 15:42:56   Yawen Chen and I went to highschool together. —AnniieRose