I'm Joshua Daniels and have worked/lived in Oakland since 2007. I tweet about Oakland (politics mostly) at @harryelephante and at @OKcouncil.



Welcome, sir! If you haven't yet, check out the Recent Changes tab up top. This is our primary collaboration vehicle (see what someone else is working on, jump in, etc.) - mk30

About time you made a user page since you've been contributing to the wiki for a while now :-) - Gene

Thanks for the warm welcome y'all! -Josh

Welcome! I second Gene- good you're here! I am glad you saw the previous surveillance efforts page- obviously your article tweet inspired it. That is going to be really interesting to look into!! -gk


Hey Josh! I'm Vicky from Oakland Wiki/Sudo Room. I love all of the work you and the privacy group people have been putting into the DAC article! I recently added the section "privacy resources", with a link to Sudo Room's Cryptoparty (our monthly privacy/security workshop that y'all should come to if you haven't already). If you know of anything to add, please do so! ~eekiv/Vicky

Thanks Vicky! Will do. -Josh