This is my anonymous screen name so I can comment on businesses without the fear of retaliation. Please respect this bit of privacy that I wish to keep. I promise to use this for constructive criticism and not outright ripping to shreds. Thank you.

This account is a sockpuppet for Aaron.Curtin and has been used to critique a competitor's business.


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2013-06-25 13:05:20   What did I say that was defamatory or negative towards another business? Nothing. I went there unbiased as possible and stated the facts of my visit. I didn't go there as Aaron, Owner of a competing shop, I went as Aaron interested Davis resident wondering what they do and how they are different from every other shop. I have a wonderful relationship with nearly EVERY shop in Davis and Sacramento. —Aaron.Curtin

You visited the shop as Aaron, but shared your experiences as someone else. Do you see how that is disingenuous ? ~SD

  • Sure - Aaron