I'm a middle aged white woman lives in and loves the Fruitvale neighborhood.  My backyard backs up on a part of Sausal Creek that is culverted.  I am doing my best to support the wildlife by planting California natives in my backyard and clearing out invasive species.  My main area of expertise is Tibetan Buddhism, which I have trained in for 20 years.  My main concerns are the environment, and violence among the youth of East Oakland.


2013-11-06 - Welcome to OaklandWiki! -Gene

2013-11-06: Welcome! We're delighted to have you :) Let us know if you have any questions. Lots of stuff to work on on East Oakland and Fruitvale topics (along with everything else, of course :P) - mk30

weee- welcome! so glad you found the turkeys! -greenkozi

Thanks.  My photo has already disappeared from the page, so I have a lot to learn.

You've got the hang of it :) If you're ever not sure how to do something, you can post here, on someone's user page, or revive the sad, neglected Ask Oakland Wiki entry . Also, the LocalWiki guide has lots of stuff. - mk30

Hi there! You could also come to one of our meetings and ask people in person. The next one is on December 19th (see the front page banner for details).  You could also join the discussion listserv and ask people there. I'm really happy to see your contributions! I hope we'll be able to see you around in the non-digital world. :] ~eekiv