Zeke Optimo Rogers (born November 29th, 1979) is a local musician, a member of the Chico Area Pyrate Punx and one-time recipient of the CN&Rs Local Badass award (in the distinguished company of other local heroes Katie Perry and Sean Cummins). He plays guitar for The Makai, a local metal outfit that plays epic punk/crust inspired metal. The Makai won best local band at the CAMMIES in 2006 and best Hard Rock/Metal act in 2007 and 2009. Previous bands include PAWNS, Makes You Die, Stars Upon Thars, Sentient, Smash Him, Callous Neglect and Part of the Problem.

Other projects of Zeke's include Chico Underground Show Info www.chicolist.com, a music listing website dedicated to the indie/punk/hardcore/metal scenes in Chico, Redding and surrounding areas which he started in 1999. Zeke also was one of the founding members of Chico Food Not Bombs in 1998 (?).


Zeke attended Chico High School (1993-1997), and then Butte College (1997-2000) and CSU, Chico (2000-2005) and graduated with Bachelor's of Arts degree in Music with an emphasis on Recording Arts and a minor in Computer Science. He currently works at Butte College and has no intentions of attending graduate school.


  • Zekers
  • The Bonecrusher
  • The Foreskinned Avenger
  • Womb Broom
  • That guy with the beard

Hobbies and Interests

"The Bonecrusher" spends much of his time foraging for burritos and drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon. Oh yeah, and listening to and/or playing music.

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