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2011-05-31 14:12:07   Welcome to the Wiki! It looks like you may be associated with the Arlington Farms management. Please take a few minutes to read over Welcome to the Wiki/Business Owner (which is in the process of being reworked; if you want, have a look at one of the drafts here or here... if you have any input on them, it would be very welcome on the Talk page here!).

The captions you removed were initially written by one user and were restored after you removed them the first time by another user, who wrote "I like those caps". The Wiki is frequently home to quirkiness, as well as to different points of view on exactly how a page should look. Frankly, those top two pictures on Arlington Farms look freaky. I'm not quite sure how the halo effect got on there, but the color saturation is insane. Some mention of the fact that the place doesn't actually look like that is warranted.

If you don't like the current captions, you might try writing new ones. There's no guarantee someone won't disagree with the change (or come up with a whole new caption), but trying to improve on content is generally seen as better than outright deleting another user's contributions. —TomGarberson

2011-06-03 16:58:56   Yes, I'm the Assistant Residential Manager for Arlington Farm. Thank you for explaining the changes with the captions! My manager and I will be working on changing them soon to something slightly different :) —achash