Watch out! This guy is a geezer malcontent college drop-out atheist for Obama, and suffers from an obsession that makes him think he can partially predict the future and fabricate quality telescope mirrors while deviating from the classic methods of National Socialist times. He is also under the illusion that he knows how to scrape oboe reeds, overblow on the harmonica, and add a 12-key to a xaphoon. Watch out!

Big complaint: web pages related to attempted inversion of the Hilbert matrix usually don't operate on the Hilbert matrix. They attempt to invert a floating point approximation because the Hilbert matrix can not be exactly represented in ordinary floating point. So why are they surprised when solving the wrong problem gives he wrong answer? Go ahead, calculate 1/3 on your calculator in floating point. I guarantee you will get the wrong answer!

Anybody going to CDC in Fresno this weekend (May 3-4, 2008)?