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Sorry to hear about your experience with that moving company. Surprisingly written post; if that had been some of my friends I know they'd have been apoplectic. I'd file complaints with absolutely anyone/anything that would make a difference, that guy is a huge ass. -ES

2009-09-04 21:31:01   interesting story, best of luck...

"agree... it would be horrible if we were objective here on the wiki. It would certainly make it less useful and interesting. I think commenting on a client's chest during a business transaction makes you a bad person to do business with. That's probably going to be a common opinion among most people, and there's no reason to shy away from stating that." —StevenDaubert

2009-09-05 08:12:40   The guy continues to be a jackass. I'd say that's the best comment against him. I'm sorry you had to be the first person to figure it out for everybody else. Don't worry about his reply, and don't take it personally. —JabberWokky

2009-09-05 16:33:50   Agreed with JW, this guy sounds like he has major issues... —jsbmeb

2010-12-12 23:41:29   Okay, that moving company, ie Shawn Banks, is TERRIBLE!!!!!!! He is the biggest jerk I have ever met. He hit on me and we briefly even dated, what was I thinking???? —MarjaGMorgan

2012-10-17 19:30:58   Hi - I know it has been a few years since you posed so I hope you are still out there. Our family made the huge mistake of using this mover and when they never showed up we posted a poor review on Yelp. 2 weeks later we received a lewd email with a link to a website with our family name. This site has pictures stolen from Facebook of women in our family calling them prostitutes and heroin addicts. The second site uses our daughter's full name as the URL and calls her a prostitute and has pornographic pictures of someone with same hair color as our daughter and claims this is her. The IP addresses for both these sites is the same as the IP address for University student movers. We reported to the police and they found a virus on the site also. We are trying to get a case with the DA. If you are out there, I would like to have him talk to you so the cyber bully is stopped. Please let me know if you want to talk about this. Thanks —LouiseBoron