Traveller from India.

Hey Baharat!  I saw you created the fp LocalWiki region - thank you! Just as a note, it's not okay to copy & paste WikiTravel / WikiVoyage pages without attribution here because of differences of copyright & creative commons. You can use a wikitravel page as a starting point for a page or set of pages, just make sure you attribute the page to WikiTravel/etc somewhere in the page body (maybe the bottom?)  Also, it looks like some of the images over here (e.g. may be copyrighted?  If so, the same applies there -- you can only use Creative Commons or material you've written / taken / gotten permission from on LocalWiki.

What I'd suggest is what you've done -- put some wikitravel material on the front page of the LocalWiki region + add a note that it's from WikiTravel.  Then as more and more pages are created (in the future), the Front Page could be altered to be a lot better than the WikiTravel page.  I hope that makes sense!

A good place to find images is the CC Search Engine over here, btw!

Anyway, sorry for the stogy welcome. I just wanted to leave you a note so you'd know why the material may be removed in the future. Thanks for contributing! And please let me know if you have any questions! --philip