Nearly a year before President Obama was sworn in. Ah, the memories...

My name is Brandon Key.

I am on the Facebook.

As of May 2011, I am an Aggie Alumnus and a graduate student at the George Washington University in Washington, DC.

I graduated from UC Davis with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Summer 2010.

I graduated from Sacramento City College, earning A.A.s in Political Science and Social Sciences.

I was a bus driver, and Tipsy Taxi operator, for the University Transport System, 2009-2010.

I was an intern for the California Democratic Party in 2009.

I was the Communications Director for the Christopher Cabaldon for Assembly campaign, 2008.

I was the Vice President of Finance of the Davis College Democrats, roughly 2007-2008.

Here's a list of Daviswikians and people that I've been acquainted with in real life (to varying degrees):


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2008-02-22 03:26:58   Have you considered moving Christopher Cabaldon to westsac? If most of the text comes from wikipedia you might just link there also. —NickSchmalenberger

2008-02-22 14:41:10   Hey Brandon it's good to see you on the wiki! —GregWebb

2008-03-30 15:27:04   Hi Brandon! What do you mean by "sort of" a third year student at UCD? <smile>

Also, Obama is the man! —CurlyGirl26

2008-04-10 02:35:53   Well, the thing is, last quarter, I wasn't a student because I had to withdraw at the end of Fall Quarter 2007. But, now in lovely Spring 2008, I am a student again! —brandonhkey

2008-08-14 01:52:31   "A category for things that you don't really know where to put." Uhhh, aren't we already in Student Organizations? I mean.....Yeah.

Also, I'm probably working with UCD SFBO this Fall on a bunch of stuff I wanted to do w/DCD, but always had too much on my plate, and hopefully I can help with peaceful post-election unification. —MaxMikalonis

2008-08-14 03:24:19   I generally tend to edit things that show up on the Recent Changes feed. —JoePomidor

2008-08-14 08:30:47   The People list is alphabetic. You might want to move yourself to the proper location under "K". :) —JabberWokky

2008-08-14 08:40:04   Hey, Brandon — is that photo of Barak Obama under Creative Commons? (I know some candidates released their publicity images, some didn't... and if not, there are public domain Senator photos available that are a bit more stodgy but perfectly legal to use). —JabberWokky

2008-08-14 19:29:00   Actually, the wiki discussed this awhile back and went with the internation standard YYYY-MM-DD, as it sorts easier (plus it's increasingly common all over the web and forms). Check out all the templates and search for ISO Date for more information. —JabberWokky

2008-08-14 19:30:13   Oh, and I made the tense past because in cases where people are unlikely to update it, it makes more sense to have it wrong for a few days than wrong for months or years waiting for somebody to come along and correct it. YMMV. —JabberWokky

2008-08-14 19:34:00   Re: your comment to me. Of course anybody can cheat — it just cheats everybody and lowers the mutual trust we all share. It's a bad thing. And as for the People entry, I'm listed twice, once under my "signing checks" name (but I'm registered to vote under "Jabber Wokky"). :) —JabberWokky

2008-08-15 01:13:29   Well, there always is Google. —JabberWokky