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2010-06-22 18:04:21   Welcome to the Wiki. You can establish identity here in a variety of ways. Doing so will give more weight to your comment on the Abba Salon and Spa page. You've already chosen your username, so the next step would be to introduce yourself and make some positive contributions like adding business reviews, uploading photos, or adding to pages that need more information. —JasonAller

2010-06-29 16:05:31   Removing the same IP notice didn't work last time. I suggest trying something else. Once other editors see you as a real person with identity then maybe removing that tag would work. —JasonAller

2010-06-29 18:40:33   Yes I am wondering how to fix this. My mother is Sharon 22 and we both use the same internet connection @ the house. DO you know of a way to fix this message. I would hate for this to have any negative effects on Soon:( Please help me fix this problem. —caitlin22

2010-06-29 18:47:16   Caitlin, a great way to address it is for you and your mother to simply establish an identity, as Jason mentioned. Introduce yourself, make some edits on other pages, and so on, and the identity you develop will lend a lot of weight to your words.

And as Jason said, welcome to the wiki! —TomGarberson

2010-06-30 19:53:31   Ok, thanks for all your help and advice. I have posted on a few other sites. —caitlin22