Who am I?

My name is Collin Schulte. I was born west of the Twin Cities, in a town called Mound, Minnesota. Mound is a quaint little town positioned between the Lake Minnetonka chain. Some of you may be familiar with the Tonka truck toys, perhaps even played with them as children. Well, I was very familiar since Mound created them. I grew up tucked up against a golf course and always would make forts around the golf course. 


I thoroughly enjoy motor vehicles of all sorts and enjoy learning all about them. I was an avid fan of Top Gear and regularly watched the weekly escapades done by the crew. I personally ride motorcycles and when I was unable to legally ride on the road I rode a dirt bike. Another one of my hobbies is SCUBA diving. I have logged several hundred hours of dive time and have had the fortunate experience to visit one of two atolls in the western hemisphere. I assisted the Department of Environment with the removal of Lion Fish and other invasive species for several months while I was a junior in high school. That sort of peaked my curiosity into Environmental Science and now here I am working on my undergraduate learning.