Patwin Elementary/Emerson JH/Davis SH/and now UCD Graduate! I've lived in North, South, East, West, and Downtown Davis over the last sixteen years.

Currently working at Sorrento/Avalon/Brisa apartments (happy to answer any questions), and applying for Film School.

Enthusiastic member of Filmmaker's Ambition; any filmmakers needing help on projects—feel free to drop me a line :)


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2010-12-11 09:46:52   Glad to help, and welcome to the wiki! —CovertProfessor

2011-01-14 11:32:50   Hey, if it's only a single year archived, just name it by that year. The only reason it's named "Pre 2009" is because it also includes reviews from 2007, 2008, etc. Typically, reviews are archived by calendar year one year after the whole year has gone by. But only if it makes sense — if there are a ton of reviews on the entry, for instance. Like most things on the wiki (and many things off the wiki, like standing in a line or choosing who pays for dinner), it's a tradition that seems to work well. There's no hard rule: it's something editors make judgement calls on. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards, [email protected]