I'm very interested in the fact that the Davis Wiki has its own thought police. Users such as PhilipNeustrom and GrahamFreeman apparently are so bothered by what I have to say that they've resorted to bashing me on this page, and then deleting any replies I make to them that expose their own hypocrisy.

Apparently when one has the customer service experience from hell and posts about it in anything but an evenhanded, non-offensive tone there will be those who attack the posts simply out of some deluded belief that they are enforcing 'balance.'

It is quite clear that these people are the ones who wiki users should truly fear - by acting as they do they seriously impede the first amendment rights of all of us. Don't take my word for it - look at the edits to this page. Apparently the use of profanity bothers these people. Equally clear is the fact that they spend so much time on the Wiki that they de facto drown out those who don't match them in sheer numbers of posts/edits. Such self-righteous bigotry should not be tolerated.

They themselves have no respect for the ideals of the Wiki. I am sure by the time I check back to this page these same cowardly attackers will've deleted this post, and I refuse to fight any kind of battle of the reversions — I simply submit that every deletion of my page is an attack on both my first amendment rights and the rights of other Wiki users to hear from diverse viewpoints.

However, I have far less emotional attachment to the Wiki, and even the internet than these pitiable deluded conformists. My own real life prevents the Wiki from sucking up all of my time and energy. I'm faintly amused that a few minutes of typing time on my part can spawn such a frenzied attack. One can only imagine how the Thought Police cope with reality when they don't have the internet to shield them.

The reason the wiki Thought police don't ban or script away pages is pretty simple: it breaks the illusion that they're noble, selfless individuals with no hidden agenda. It's much easier to revert something and just claim you're seeking for 'balance.' (Similar to the strategy employed by FoxNews). They'd rather just attack someone until they give up on posting to the wiki altogether. The Thought Police have deleted pages of mine that have nothing to do with them, simply b/c they're threatened by intelligent people who don't agree with them. I would be mad, but I think I pity them more. Thanks to all you reasonable wiki users who actually see the forest for the trees.

Open note to the thought police: Davis Geek was the pebble before the avalanche. Be prepared for the backlash: a wave of sympathetic, moderate wiki users who've had enough of your nonsense. Having no life is no excuse for cyber-fascism.


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You do realize that the people you're bashing are the lead developer of the Wiki Spot project and the server administrator, don't you? What we've established here is far more permissive than wikipedia — I'm sure the banhammer would have already swung over there. So just take a Wiki Chill Pill and come back a little later. —BrentLaabs

2007-07-30 02:13:49   You fail civics. Nobody is infringing your first amendment rights. Have you read the first amendment? It starts out "Congress shall make no law...". This is binding on the states through incorporation (14th amendment). Private citizens are under no obligation to give anyone a soapbox. You might want to think about that a bit more before engaging in inflammatory, baseless personal attacks. We don't want that kind of crap here and we as a community have the right to make sure that it stays off the wiki. —WilliamLewis

2007-07-30 07:32:00   No one will take you seriously unless you use your real name. —JamesSchwab

  • Well, there are a few people who opt for anonymity, yet still highly contribute to the wiki (Jabberwokky, somewhat and CovertProfessor come to mind). The difference, of course, is that they don't resort to swearing and insults, and they benefit the rest of the wiki through their gnomishness or by being inexplicably drawn into every restaurant in town. —KevinChin
    • JabberWokky isn't in any way anonymous. EdWins is more so, but not really. —BrentLaabs
      • I know, but to a casual user who only sees his handle in a comment he may be (thus the "somewhat" part). He was anonymous to me for the longest time! :D —kc

2007-07-30 09:09:34   I thought DavisGeek WAS Philip. ;) I looked at all the edits/deletions and it seems like Philip handled it well. chillout geek. can't you find anything more valuable to do on the wiki than be an ass? It may not matter to you since you "have far less emotional attachment to the Wiki," but it matters to others.


2007-07-30 10:49:39   He does raise one good point - that being that those who are nearly constantly online can revert even valid points out of existance. While I don't think that this was the case this time, I've been seeing that happen more and more over the past year, to the extent that I'm worried about the wiki's future. —JoseBleckman

2007-07-30 14:25:50   Dude, I don't delete things because I disagree with them. I deleted some things you had written that were straight-up insulting personal attacks, and had nothing to do with Instaconnect. —PhilipNeustrom

2007-07-30 18:13:35   What do you think the ideals of the Wiki are that you refer to above? —JasonAller

2007-07-30 20:08:28   Having just been observing this in retrospect, and having been an individual accused of censorship, I would like to know by what right do you claim that you may do all these things, making libelous claims against people and companies, altering the comments of others, you don't seem to be adding much content or providing much basis for what you say. You are referring to pretty open minded and permissive people as thought police, but if they were really as such, wouldn't it be easier to just ban you, erase everything you ever do on the wiki by some automated content control script as wikipedia does? I dunno, you just don't seem to be a good representative of davisGeekdom, sad. In any case, perhaps if you wish for a bit of a resolution to all this conflict, we could talk about it or meet, just send me a message sometime. ~ —DavidPoole

2007-07-31 12:08:50   Wow, davidPoole, why would I want to waste my time? Since you're basically admitting to be another member of the wiki thought police, most likely our f2f meeting would end with me verbally tearing you a new one.

Anyways, on a more serious note:

davisGeek's feelings are hurt - he is going to leave all the wussy davis wiki losers to their pathetic made-up wiki existence. Just so you know, dG is the first incarnation. He may never post again, but trust me Act II will be good.

~you may think me insane, but I WILL wiki again... —davisGeek

  • Sorry to hear your feelings are hurt, though you do realize that in saying that you seem to illicit a sort of sympathy that you should have for the people you have been insulting. As for thought police, I don't really take myself to be somehow policing people's thoughts, unless you think of me as an officer of the peace, I try to promote positivity and productiveness of the wiki, I don't have time for much else on the web anyway. I wonder what Act II will be like, will you bring popcorn? that would be nicer. I don't think any of us would believe you are insane, though I would like it if you used your real name, generally people should have a bit of pride in their words I think, if you ever are willing to meet, and perhaps tear me a new one (verbally that is) I will be in town this week and in the future, good luck. ~D

2007-07-31 12:15:39   Well, at least I am a proud member of the Thought Police. —BrentLaabs

2007-07-31 12:22:27   I think davisGeek is Phillip who has gotten bored with the recent wiki calm. —JamesSchwab

2007-07-31 17:24:52   Davis Geek, delete your page, come back using your real name, contribute to the DW, and never speak of this again.

No one will be the wiser, except for the people who watch sock puppets behind the scene, and the people with to much time on there hands to go thru IP's... —StevenDaubert

2007-10-20 14:54:28   Came here after reading some of your rants about Instaconnect.

You're obviously under a lot of pressure... The man is constantly trying to hold you down, and they're all out to get you. It's a terribly scary place to live. I'm not sure if it's the drugs or the mental illness that has removed you so far from reality, but I'm sure there's help!! FIGHT FOR THE REVOLUTION! —KyleWecker

—Before you point your finger, you should realize that I AM the man, fucker! I just choose to fight the system from the inside, rather than simply use it to my advantage.

To all members of the thought police who eagerly rushed to this page when I updated ==========D that's my big cock in your face! ;)

  • "I can make a life-sized representation of my penis using ASCII art." —ct

2008-02-10 21:52:37   SO geek, just to let you know everything that was said and done is on video, yes we cover our asses. Now when I said come on down and talk like men I meant I would show you the video so you could hear what was said and done. oops forgot to tell you that sorry. Also what is a chapter 11 lawyer going to do? I am guessing that you are a law student, and not a very good one at that, see you threatened me with a meeting with you after work. I got your pitcher from the video, how is your career gonna be with a police record, and yes we do press charges. I laugh at you on how quick you to respond to what I wrote, kinda look like a ass. you are a though guy behind a computer and I can see that with all of your postings. I do not need to make threat, but you do and now your "promising" career with a chance of jail time, and expulsion is at risk. you rock see you Wednesday. —andys13a29

2008-02-15 18:48:19   What do you think the ideals of the Wiki are that you refer to above? —JasonAller

2008-03-01 07:41:07   This davisGeek guy sounds like one of those outrageous fools that just acts...outrageous all the time. —ChrisMays

2008-08-02 00:54:15   If the people who posted negative comments here are any indication of the Davis population at large, its no wonder this place is a little bubble far detached from reality and/or common sense. This town actively prevents the opening of either a sex-toy shop or a hookah bar for no other reason than benighted, moralistic paternalism. The more I see of this place, the more I realize that there is a thin veneer of fake niceness hiding a great deal of passive-aggressive hostility. —davisGeek

2008-08-02 00:54:57   wtf you lose all respect for a person you have never met over comments online?

I happen to be personal friends with the guy responsible for the 5000 dollar pita, He said it was an accident, dude tipped 5 dollars and when he evened the till at the end of the night he fucked up some how, I told him 3 zeros?! He just said it was his bad... I'm getting him to come onto the wiki and tell it from his side


2010-01-27 00:05:15   Hey, if you don't have anything nice to say... —NickSchmalenberger