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  • Hi, I'm jsbmeb and I edit the wiki sometimes. After reading your comments on the Comfort Suites page, they were deleted. Please think about addressing your concerns with the BBB and the General Manager of Comfort Suites directly.
    • To follow up a little bit more, the comments you made were rather volatile and could qualify for Libel in terms of legal issues (regarding drug use and involving other companies). It could also place the Wiki in a rather precarious situation. The types of concerns you have really do not belong on the Wiki as they are VERY specific to your personal situation. That is why your original comment was retained but the community felt the second one was really inappropriate and it has been removed. I wish you well in addressing them in a more appropriate manner. —PeteB

Just to clarify — at first, both comments were deleted, but after further discussion amongst a number of the editors, only the second one was deleted, for the reasons that PeteB states. —CovertProfessor