Dmitriy Markiv is a former UCD student and the part owner of AMD Medical Supply on Lake Blvd.


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2012-07-13 12:40:20   Hey Dmitriy, welcome to the wiki! I deleted your comment on Duramed because it seemed like more or less blatant promotion. I did go ahead and add cross-links between the pages for Duramed and AMD, though, since they're the only two (as far as I know) medical suppliers in town. I also made a few changes on the AMD page to make the text a bit less promotional.

If you haven't already seen it, please take a moment to read this business intro page. The wiki is actually prohibited by its nonprofit agreement with the IRS from promoting business and, by extension, from being used for promotional purposes by businesses. This means information on the wiki needs to be informative or educational in tone, rather than promotional. —TomGarberson

2013-06-13 22:42:56   Hi Dimitiry, thanks for posting and sharing more about AMD med supply. I've only heard good things about the store. Take a peek at that link that Tom Gaberson provided above that should just about sum up PeteB concerns with the wording on the page.