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2010-05-01 21:19:37   Hi, and welcome to the wiki! I noticed you deleted some content from some pages. It's great to have new editors dive in and make changes, but it wasn't clear why you deleted what you did, and so various editors (including me) restored what you deleted. It seemed to me that the parts you deleted added important content to the entries. One was for a departed business — thank you for marking that business as departed, but usually we keep the content around too, for historical reasons. It's interesting to see what businesses used to be in Davis and what they were like. But maybe if you said more why you deleted what you did others would come to see things your way (or maybe not). Wiki editing is very much a collaborative process where we try to come to agreement if we can. Anyway, let us know if you have any questions. I hope you stick around to make other edits. —CovertProfessor