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EcocentricGuide is Canada's online greenspotting guide. We're your go-to guide for all the hippest and freshest Canadian planet friendly products and services. Hot sustainable decor to cool eco-couture; Local, organic cuisine to kids gear you can trust - We give you the goods on what our finest green talent producing right here at home, sans the greenwashing. Visit us at - get in the know, and join the ecolution

Mission Statement
Once Upon a time green was just a colour… now it represents our way of life Ecocentric is your go-to guide, a place to unite on the collective journey of sustainability.

We are on the path to a better world. Our methods becoming cleaner and our purpose becoming greener. It's called the Ecolution. Dudes. Just like you, we’ve moved past ‘green’ being a trend- we know you’ve wisened up to greenwashing and we want to walk alongside you as a touchstone on your eco-journey… The guide to your resplendently ecocentric self. Your online destination of eco-discovery. Seeking to walk that greener path, towards a happier, healthier- bluer way of life. (Blue? Yes. Blue – see our Vision)… and are we asking too much to want to do it in style? As we navigate, we’ve got our finger on the pulse of everything that’s fresh, indie, eclectic and eco-chic. We have mad respect for the green leaders and innovators - Greenspotting is our way of saying we dig… sharing it and giving it back to you. Giving voice to the little guy

As Canada’s ‘greenspotting’ guide our mission is to uncover all those hip, planet-friendly, under-the-radar options… the genius homegrown products and services and the quirky little locations that go undetected in a marketplace cluttered and obscured by the big commercial players. Thinking global and acting local.

It’s about consumerism with a conscience – we’re all about that. It’s a consumer’s world… the power is in our hands and we have the ability to harness it to make a difference. Some of our finest designers, architects, culinary masters, and local artisans are developing superior, state-of-the-art, sexy and sustainable products- right here at home. And we want to both celebrate and support these homegrown heroes. Greenspotting

It’s the local farmer’s market; the obscure indie brands. It’s the innovative organic goods we’re addicted to discovering… it’s the rich history that weaves the stories behind the freshest, hippest, smartest, and most authentically green ideas. We love ‘em. We dig ‘em; we’re obsessed with them…we can’t get enough of them; and we’re spreading the word to our ecotribe ...forwarding the ecolution. By supporting independent eco enterprise we not only reduce the impact on our environment by buying local, but we also positively impact our own economy by putting the green back into our marketplace – and we can feel good about that. It’s a toxin-free perspective on trade and it’s is changing the way we buy.


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