I just moved to Seattle for the second time, both times for employment.  I first moved here (from the SF Bay Area) in July 2010.  In April 2012 I moved back to California (but to Grass Valley, not the Bay Area) and was there until September 2013, when I moved back here to work for Isilon/EMC.  I'm a computer nerd of long standing (I wrote my first programs in Fortran II, on punched cards...) with most of my experience as a C programmer on Unix environments.  My non-geek interests include

  • Digital photography
  • Music
  • Animal welfare
  • Progressive politics
  • The San Francisco Giants.  Yes, I like the Mariners as an AL team, but some loyalties die hard.

Football (American style) is simply barbaric; I have no rooting interest.  The sport that the rest of the world calls Football is a different story, and I could definitely become a Sounders fan.

Contact info

  • Twitter - I've resisted this so far
  • Facebook - You can find me there
  • LinkedIn - Likewise
  • Email: [email protected]


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