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2019-06-06 21:51:09   Hey... ummm... I'm going to go with Sam. The Davis Wiki is biased. It should be biased! It is intended to reflect the community of Davis, and thus aims to Accumulate Points of View. This is in contrast to, say, Wikipedia, which aims at a Neutral Point of View. If the town loves frogs and serial billboards, that bias is part of the town community itself. That said, one sided is not the same as having bias... so edit the entry and *add* your point of view, retaining the previous point of view as well. Over time, like a boulder in the wind, the entry is shaped by the environment around it and reflects the cumulative Multiple Points of View of the community. See and and go forth and edit that entry! 

And shhh... don't tell anybody, but that smooth boulder tends not to have any super sharp points of extreme bias, and usually eventually reflects the "neutral" of the Davis community itself. :)

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