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2008-06-08 08:34:01   Welcome to the Wiki. In answer to the question you posed on the Davis Food Co-op page, this isn't a forum, it is a Wiki. As such you are a part of the Wiki Community and are an equal editor along with everyone else who participates here. For the vast majority of issues there isn't an appeal to a higher authority, but rather the need for people to work out cooperatively how the wiki will work. Some general ideas have already been agreed upon, but even those continue to be discussed. Yes, we deal with trolls, spam and anonymity, but overall this wiki has grown and mostly been tended pretty well. If you can think of a way to improve any of this please speak up. —JasonAller

As Jason notes above, it isn't a forum... it is a wiki. The entirety of the wiki has been constructed by people just like you, all working together. There is no distinction other than tradition between comments and any other part of an entry... you are encouraged to edit entries directly and move any information up from comments to the main part of the entry and/or (if the comment is thus rendered redundant) remove the comment after having integrated it. Opinions can go in the top or, if you don't feel they represent the community's general perception and want to speak just for your own opinion, they can go in the bottom. If something is really over the top (a personal attack, for instance), go ahead and delete it... you're equally empowered. You could say that anything goes, but like most real world communities meeting in a public place, we all are polite to each other (you could just walk into a public park and be obnoxious to people, but most people just enjoy the park with each other). That's one reason we tend to use our real names here (something I would highly recommend): we're all real neighbors (or former neighbors) living next to each other in a real, physical community. Welcome to the wiki! —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2008-07-12 01:43:24   I really enjoyed and appreciated your comments on the Davis Food Co-op page—especially your passionate call to do outreach to less fortunate communities. On top of everything you mentioned, I think there should also be a cooking component. For example, when the Co-op does begin a program to provide fresh, whole foods to these poorer communities, there should be some instruction on how to create a quick and tasty meal from them. Many people in these communities might not know what to do with some of the items they might receive, since it might not be part of their normal food culture. Keep up the good work! —KendraSmith

2009-02-09 20:41:17   Just wanted to express appreciation for your comment on the Co-op page. :) —gurglemeow