Henry Yeung is a grad student in Nutritional Biology. He studies oligosaccharides in milk in Dr. J. Bruce German's lab in the Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science. He did is undergrad at UC Davis and is originally from Cupertino. He plays tennis and AGRICOLA. He can eat A LOT of sushi.


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2009-08-14 16:25:42   Hi, and welcome to the Wiki. I envy your working in the new Mondavi Institute building. I'm in the building from hell. —robinlaughlin

2010-08-11 19:53:46   One thing to keep in mind when grading a bartender, especially a new one, is that they train themselves. Yes, there are bartending schools, but no bar will hire you from one. You have to either know someone in the bar already, or work your way up, studying the drinks yourself. Trust me, this is in all bars, Not just Agave. (btw, I work at Little Prague) I'm not trying to defend the food mix-ups or anything, just the barstaff. It takes time to be able to remember multiple drinks, especially mixed ones. As for taking 20 minutes to open a bottled brew... couldn't find the bottle opener, perhaps. Either way, no matter what bar you go to, remember that a new bartender WILL take a lot longer and probably make a mistake or two. It's part of the learning process. Hell, one of our bartenders was putting Worcester sauce in drinks that required Bitters because the bottles are virtually identical until another bartender with more experience told him about it. LOL. Anyway, just be patient and everything will work out fine, especially since new bartenders who do make mistakes will more often than not comp you a free drink if you are polite and patient about the mistake. WesWesOne