Account has been banned for hyper aggressive and continued personal attacks.


By the edits on the Natalie Corona page I can tell this person is clearly out of his mind. IMO it could well be more than one person is behind this profile’s edits. I think the Davis Police should look into this, because the edits made on the Natalie Corona page exceed the definition of slander and should be investigated. Meanwhile, this profile needs to be banned badly. 

Constantia Oomen


Some more observations: give us your real name, see if you still run your big mouth full of hate-speech. Constantia Oomen


"Dumb bitch?" Please, enlighten me, what's your IQ level? You seem to be wasting your creative talent on the wrong kind of speech. Constantia Oomen

And still some more observations. Considering the fact that our Jack is vandalizing Jabberwokky's and my page with quite some literary effort, and hence seems to know his way around the Davis Wiki, I think we have a local (or former local) vandal here. And he isn't the dumbest too. Would love to know his real name. Constantia Oomen