Squirrels within Elon

If you have ever been on campus you'll know why squirrels are so important to Elon. There are a ton of squirrels that habituate in Elon due to the amount of trees we have here. Elon's symbol, besides the mascot of the Phoenix, is the Oak which produces acorns. All over campus are different types of trees but the most prevalent one is the Oak Tree. Each year at convocation, freshmen are given an acorn as a symbol of Elon and when they graduate they are given a oak sapling.

With so many squirrels on campus, they have gotten into students residencies as well as other Elon buildings. There are even some cases of squirrels being actual pets. In 2006 an off-campus resident had nursed back to health a baby squirrel and kept it in his room.

The squirrels on campus are such an icon that there is a twitter called Gossip Squirrel, a sassy anonymous twitter account that reports on things the user has heard or seen on campus.

Nowadays, students have so many stories about squirrels that have done some crazy things. People even say that it's not the student's campus, it's the squirrels. 

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