Hello and welcome to the wiki, I just thought I would ask you, as you seemed to own a business, which business you own?

This is Jerry from The Style Lounge, I'm guessing. ah finally I've figured out how to respond yes this is Jerry from the Lounge . I need some assistance please.

Im going to be a little slow at this , its a new medium for me .

I've had a very rude comment posted against me and I've let stand for a while in order to let the person vent , but I feel its long over due that it be removed.


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2009-01-27 18:50:34   Welcome to the Wiki. Please read Welcome to the Wiki/Business Owner; it will help explain how you can make the wiki a positive experience for you without clashing with established wiki social norms. I see that a couple of separate editors have reverted the comments you've removed. It is more productive to either ignore or respond to those comments than trying to delete them. —JasonAllerJasonAller

2009-01-28 22:20:04   Many of the comments on The Style Lounge page date to 2006. One of the options is to either archive comments, or request some help with doing that. The downside to this is that will leave the newer comments closer to the top of the page. —JasonAller

I'm not opposed to negative comments as much as abusive language to insult me . I recognize and actually appreciate all comments , if we listen to our clients we can better serve them

2009-02-06 16:02:08   Thanks Jerry but I have a hair stylist in Elk Grove who I try to go to, in this case when I stopped by your business I was going against my better judgment based on reading these comments, but even with a positive mind set I was equally as disappointed as the others. But don't worry, you aren't the only bad hair stylist in town. Hence the reason why I will drive out to EG to have my hair cut right. The problem with your comment about listening, is that I told you specifically what I was looking for, only you had your own ideas, and when offered I politely declined. This apparently is a problem for you. —CarrieBishop

2011-08-30 13:31:40   Hi Jerry - do you remember Jodi? I wanted to say hi. She is a friend my a long time ago when I went to UC Davis. Do you recall her last name? Cheers! —Searchingfriend