J. King WhiteDelmarva expatriate, Elon University graduate, denizen of the RTP region, and resident of Raleigh, North Carolina. Builder of strategic business alliances and communities of collaboration. Confidante to a multitude.

J. King White is a skilled business development 'connector' -- a passionate champion of developmental initiatives for institutions and associations and a persuasive engineer of strategic alliances for business enterprises.

During his professional career, King has supervised regional teams and executive-level programs for Verizon, AT&T, and Elon University. By deliberately deploying a contact networking engagement strategy that leverages multiple communication platforms, and by making ‘mutually beneficial outcome’ the key objective, King delivers team-oriented perspective and relevance that inspires confidence in professionals regardless of age or work culture.

Today he applies this developmental skill set by engaging and mentoring a variety of community organizations. In downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, King is focusing his collaboration expertise on community and economic development initiatives that fuel the growth of the city's robust innovation community. Actively engaged in the "Innovate Raleigh discussions, King interfaces regularly with leaders of local government agencies, institutions of higher learning such as North Carolina State University, public and non-profit corporations, commercial developers, downtown Raleigh merchants and residents, and early/mid-stage start-up ventures.

A former Director of Alumni & Parent Relations for Elon University, King helped establish the Elon Triangle Alumni Chapter and is a longstanding member of the local chapter's Board.


Client Relationship/Retention • Strategic Account Management • Channel Partner Development • Promotion and Public Relations • Institutional Advancement • Mentoring • Team Building • Program Administration • Revenue Stream Development • Product/Service Positioning • Sales Distribution Management (indirect/B2B/retail) • Start-up/New Product Deployment • M2M Technology • Long Closure Cycle Initiatives • Process Improvement • Field Representative Education

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