J. Nolfo lives in Raleigh, NC in the Brier Creek area.

A true believer that market research can provide the foundation of smart top line and bottom line growth through strategic planning. 

After graduating from the University of Missouri, I worked for a number of retail focused companies as a manager and project coordinator. 

After doing project management and market research for a boutique software merchandising company specializing in niche markets in order to work with customers to expand their merchandising efforts, I was able to transfer those skills into the homebuilding industry. With over 10 years experience of leading qualitative and quantitative research methodologies in multiple geographic markets ranging in size, competitiveness, and market maturity, I provided focus to both short-term and strategic planning.

Throughout my professional career, I have managed people (internal and external) and projects with success; yet always doing so in a cohesive team environment. 

My career has also led me to increase my knowledge, skills and understanding in a variety of other areas including focus group moderation, geographic information systems (GIS), database development and management, knowledge of code writing, including HTML and SQL, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs, including GoldMine, ACT!, and Microsoft Dynamics.

I am looking to provide consulting work to micro and small consumer-based businesses and entrepeuners who are wanting to start their business right or are wanting to grow it in a strategic direction.



Qualitative and Quantitative Market Research Methodologies including Focus Group Moderation and Survey Design and Analysis, Customer Satisfaction Measurement and Improvement, Feasibility Analysis and Studies, Database Development and Management, Real Estate Demographic Trends, Residential Housing Competitive Analysis, Residential Construction Strategic Planning, Real Estate Development, SQL, Microsoft Office Suite (including Access), SPSS, Marketing, Consulting


Also, I am very active in the Boy Scouts of America. As an Eagle Scout myself, I know what this organization can do. I am an Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 352. I am also on the Impeesa District Advancement Committee, Eagle Board of Review Committee, and the District NESA (National Eagle Scout Association) Chair. I also work on the District's Facebook and Twitter pages by being a part of the District Marketing Committee.


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