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2008-12-18 10:43:11 Baby is almost here...so now I need to pick a PEDIATRICIAN!!! Anyone have any recommendations for a great pediatrician in/and or around the Davis/Dixon area?


2008-11-19 14:48:08 Does anyone have a co-ed flag football league organized in the Davis-Dixon area?


2008-10-31 14:41:34 Can anyone recommend an OBGYN in Davis?

I currently live in Sacto but am moving to Dixon the middle of November and I'm due to have my first child the end of the month in December...so I need to find a Davis OBGYN as soon as possible! I'll be delivering at SUTTER DAVIS HOSPITAL but need to transfer my prenatal care soon b/c my current OBGYN only delivers at Sutter Memorial Hospital.


Also, please feel free to share your good and bad experiences as well. Thanks for the advice! —jomama11


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2008-11-02 18:09:04   Hi, I saw your question about Sutter Davis Hospital Birthing Center. The birthing center has an OB and a Certified Nurse Midwife available at all times, and whoever is on call will be in charge of your delivery (with the CNM handling most low-risk births). The OBs and CNMs are affiliated with Sutter West Medical Group Women's Health and CommuniCare Clinic. If you choose to go with Sutter West, you'll have an official OB, but see different caregivers at most appointments so you can get to know them.

I believe there are OBs outside the Sutter West Medical Group who have privileges to deliver at Sutter Davis as well, if you want to be more assured of who will be there at your birth. However, all the caregivers at Sutter Davis Hospital are great, in my experience.

If you still want specifics, I've had the most personal experience with Dr. Zoe Tilton and Dr. Beth Johnson, and like them both. However, everyone else I've worked with has been great, too.

I hope things go well for you! I had a great delivery at Sutter Davis, as have a lot of other people. —JessicaLuedtke

2008-11-02 20:04:59   Welcome to Davis Wiki, jomama11! I'm surprised one of the regulars hasn't dropped a "Welcome to the Wiki. Please consider the importance of using your RealName" message.

I like your likes and dislikes sections. I see you like Banderas and playing tennis with your tennis buddy. What coincidence! So do I! <wink, wink> I could do without the fairy tale football, though.

By the way, you've made way more progress on your personal page than I did when I first started out. But then again, I do have raring ADHD. I get distracted Avogrado's number of times a day. —CurlyGirl26

2008-11-19 15:16:57   Yea. . .that is what people keep telling me. Just never understood the appeal of fairy tale football. . .:) —CurlyGirl26

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