I'm behind a coworking space in San Leandro, just south of Oakland.



Hi Judi, welcome! Judi is a San Leandrite (is that the preferred nomenclature? :)) and a friend of Sudo Room. She is interested in setting up a localwiki for San Leandro and in the meantime will be playing around with Oakland Wiki and in the process, may add a few locations in San Leandro (tagged "San Leandro"). Do let us know if you have any questions and check out the Recent Changes page for all kinds of fun across the wiki. - mk30

Welcome, Judi! There are plenty of Oakland connections with San Leandro, so looking forward to your additions. - Gene

Yay, Judi! And yay Sudo Room! I'm glad to have you here. You may know me or come to know me in the non-Internet life as Vicky from Sudo Room. Maybe we'll see you at one of our events? Has mk30 already clued you in to the general list and the events list? :] ~eek