Me and my awesome roomie Liz ex UCD student, ex Unitrans driver, ex DFC buggy driver (seasonal), current Website Content Manager at Cycle Gear (corporate offices)

About me

My ride

Amanda, my '91 Kawasaki Ninja EX500, has been quite good to me, and did quite well at my first trackday in September '07. Mmm, sexy. WHEE! The makings of a track junkie...oops, too late.

My other rides

I won (near-unanimously, sigh) Biggest Busnerd at the last employee awards meeting. Um, and the one before that. It's probably because I had a ton of jobs and am a huge dork. I used to be a Driver, Double-Deck Driver, Out-of-Town-Charter Driver, Driver-Conductor, Assistant Driver-Trainer, Out-of-Town-Charter Trainer, Tipsy Taxi Driver, and Tipsy Taxi Dispatcher. Me in all busnerdy glory No comment Busnerd and BUSNERD at far left Amanda sporting her dorkdom

My learnins

I majored in Linguistics with a minor in Spanish. Thank god for gradumacating! But it's off to grad school soon for that Ph.D in Linguistics. Grad portrait Fine print: Guarantees bearer to residence in cardboard box. I love my family. Even if they can't take a normal photo.

My babies

I was the proud (surrogate) parent of 5 little ratties. I used to have 5 total, but they had to be put down due to a combination of old age and/or illness, sniff. They were like my childrens, and they were all brothers from the same litter. They will always be missed:

Nyx (1/19/04-1/9/06)

Bandit (1/19/04-5/19/06)

Gus (1/19/04-5/31/06)

Butt-Butt (1/19/04-6/3/06)

Pidge (1/19/04-11/11/06)

My babies!


I also like Strong Bad and HSR (if you couldn't catch from the above reference).

Oh, and Epic Quad Battle kicked ass. GO SOUTH! We didn't just win, we SO won. =) Two years running, too.

My unknown skizzles

  • Random Fact: I drew "Orion," the bus cartoon, emphasizing my massive dorkdom. Look for the Uni T-shirts with a similar design, but sporting a new dirty slogan for Unitrans.
    • I'd really like a unitrans shirt, could you tell me when they will be available? Thanks. -NickSchmalenberger
      • I don't think they're available to the general public or anything; hell, there was a goof and I haven't even gotten my own yet. =P
      • UPDATE: yes! finally got a sweatshirt!

The preliminary sketch to awesomeness


I am a dork. But a dork who likes beer, video games, and motorcycles. =D Goofing around at Halloween


11/26/06 16:44:00 OMG, you seem so COOL, even if you do consider yourself dorky. —BobbyGray

  • Well...shucks. =) Thanks!