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2011-05-17 11:36:44   Welcome to the Wiki! The parking situation sounds like a pain in the ass. You should look over your lease and see what it says about parking and parking enforcement. The one apartment complex I lived at that occasionally had parking problems took it very seriously when female residents had to park a significant distance away and walk through a poorly lit area. I'd suggest one or more of the following: 1) get in touch with Sequoia Equities—chances are the on-site manager has a boss who would be very interested in the fact that parking conditions are creating a potentially unsafe situation for residents; 2) inform both the on-site management and Sequoia Estates of the problem in writing via a formal letter, laying out your concerns. Keep a record of it; and 3) if they don't resolve the issue to your satisfaction, contact the conflict resolution service offered by the City. Getting a third party involved might help. Other third party options might include local media sources such as the Aggie or the Enterprise, who might be interested in doing an article on apartment complexes that don't take appropriate care of their residents despite the recent series of serious sex crimes in town. —TomGarberson