Have lived in Oakland since late 1971. First near the Lake on 7th Avenue. Then to Athol, on to Watergate (oops, that's Emeryville), then our first house in Redwood Heights, and finally, for the last 28 years, way at the top near Skyline.

Wrote the book, Surviving the Boomer Exodus: Capturing Knowledge for Gen X and Y, which is about tons o' knowledge that could leave the workplace when/as Boomers head out the door.

Also have been a volunteer for many years. Currently, vice chair of Keep Oakland Beautiful (keepoaklandbeautiful,org)—we're all about clean, green, beautiful and litter-free here in Oaktown. For 20 years, I've also done litter pickup (practicing Zen mindfulness) along a city street where stuff collects.

Have been a forever-believer in the promise of Oakland, and these last few years have begun to see progress in how dynamic people are making our town a fun, socially restive place to live and work.

Interests include: modern jazz, abstract art, illegal dumping, great film, and interviewing for stories and features.

welcome! great to have such a long time resident here. and keep oakland beautiful is awesome! -greenkozi

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