Davis is a place of change and consistency. Ahead of it's time and yet you can always come back to it and reflect on old times. The quad, the trees, the odd ball nature of things, WEF, Picnic Day... The blooms, the dreary winter trees, the stinky buses, the bikes. Davis is like no other.

So, what's a Kaethe? A friends brother asked that once... made me laugh. I guess I could have been frustrated... it is an odd name. Been odd all my life ;-)

I came here as an Undergrad, long and getting longer ago in 1981. It took a little while to grow on me... but, I loved coming back to the cows. There aren't as many cows anymore... more bikes, more cars, more houses than 1981. But, my dear old neighbor lived on Oak when it ended just before 8th Street... now she saw change!

Here we are today with Lofts, more "association houses" than frats on Frat Row, and the quickest parking police ever in a town that wants downtown sales.

I started a blog. We will see how much fun that is or not...things like that sound good, but then reality sets into everyday life.

Other than my two cents here, you can always find me around town.

She has a public page too: Kaethe Sullivan